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All-Season Truck Wash

Our truck wash and drying facility can be used all year!  Schedule your appointment today.

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Premier Feed, LLC

Premier Feed offers a variety of feed choices for all your production needs.  Plus, we individualize a plan just for you or you can purchase our specially formulated feeds. 

Contact us and allow us to help you determine the feed that will suit your needs. 


Premier Grain, LLC

Premier Grain, LLC consists of four elevators that have a storage capacity of over five million bushels. We offer a variety of marketing options, as well as specialty crop programs.



We have the ability to transload off of the rail. Contact Premier Solutions today to learn more about the options.


Container loading of Grains and Feed Ingredients for Exports


About Us

Premier Solutions

Originally a grain, feed and fertilizer company, Sabina Farmer’s Exchange (SFE) has expanded and developed into what is now under the umbrella of Premier Solutions with the motto of “helping farmers feed the world.” Our business has gone from serving three Ohio counties to serving the globe. Our services and products have reached many different countries including, but not limited to, Mexico, Canada, China, Vietnam, Turkey, Russia and Poland. There are several branches of our company including Premier Feed, LLC, and Premier Grain, LLC.

Premier Feed, LLC offers a variety of feed choices for all production needs. Our customers can purchase our specially formulated feeds or we can individualize a plan to meet your specific needs. We also work with outstanding feed companies throughout the U.S. to provide you with a variety of feed choices.