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November 7, 2011

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Eagle Trading Joins Local Community to Meet Farmers’ Marketing Needs


– Eagle Trading & Consulting Corp., an established commodities broker, has moved its Nebraska headquarters to the heart of Clinton County to better meet the grain marketing and consulting needs of local farmers.

“Our marketing services free up time so farmers can focus on production agriculture,” said Mark Allen.

Buoyed by the high commodity prices of recent years, farmers are making strategic choices about how best to use the greater disposable income as well as protect future profit opportunities.

Eagle Trading can help farmers of any size to avoid blind spots in traditional methods of grain marketing. William "Mark" Allen, Market Advisor for Eagle Trading, provides one-on-one strategy that best suits the needs of each farmer based on their specific current and future needs.

“If your farm is looking to improve its bottom line and reduce risk, you should contact Eagle Trading,” said John Surber, President of Premier Solutions, an Ohio-based agribusiness. “With so much risk at stake, grain marketing can be an intimidating process. Eagle Trading puts its expertise to work to help farmers navigate the uncertainty of the markets.”

In addition to grain marketing and risk management, Eagle Trading’s range of services also includes livestock commodities (cattle, swine and milk); as well as energy and fertilizer trading.

Eagle Trading recognizes the importance of privacy and independence in grain marketing, and assures its clients total anonymity in marketing and other dealings.

“Eagle Trading provides a service where farmers have access to market information as well as planning,” Allen said. “They stay in control and decide what is best for them, their families and their business.”

Eagle Trading will retain its presence in Nebraska.


Eagle Trading was founded by William “Mark” Allen in 2007 in Grant, Nebraska. Mark grew up on a farm in eastern Colorado. That is where Mark got started helping farmer & ranchers with their marketing in the early 90's. Allen's career included commodity work with ADM in Kansas, and gained further experience in commodities trading in Costa Rica, Columbia and Panama. Now a resident of Ohio, Allen will continue to make his expertise available to farmers through seminars, classes and radio commentary. For more information, click here.